Jennifer (lilrocker227) wrote,

Bellingham for the weekend

I think Bellingham would have been a really good match fro me. It's a bummer I never looked into this school when I was applying for undergrad. It kind of reminds me of U of Montana in Missoula - big town, but definitely smaller than Seattle. Liberal environment, not as reliant on public transportation and stupid dinky apartment buildings near the freeway.
I was thinking about this last night, however, and realized that if I had gone here, a lot of areas of my life would be quite different. I would never have roomed with Theary, thus would never have met any of my future housemates. I would never have experienced the house in all its sexiness and force. I would never have lived on Lander 4 and thus would never have met Josh, thus would probably have never ventured to Montana or Germany. I would never have gone to Cadiz and thus would never have met Javi, Jackie, James, Josh F and all the bunch. I would never have worked where I work, never have interned at the Mexican Consulate or volunteered with the UW Language Exchange Program. Who knows if I would have majored in Spanish or anything related to human rights. Maybe I would have stuck with music. Who knows. It's kind of neat to think about how one choice leads to so many more, which in turn leads still more....
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