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the ramblings of the jen

la vida..o algo así

27 June
I just finished a year of studying and living in Cádiz, Spain and am slowly returning to life in the states.
I´m a senior at the University of Washington in Seattle, where I study Español and Law, Societies & Justice with a focus in human rights. I am stubborn in my interests; when I find something that fits, I stick to it. Thus, I´ve been playing piano for 16 years and was vegetarian for 9. I dig poems; I don´t dig President Bush. I believe coffee is an art.

activism, american beauty, antiwar, art, autumn, barcelona, beaches, bell hooks, big lebowski, biking, board games, bob marley, books, broadway music, bubble baths, bubble tea, buddhism, caffeine, cats, chai tea, chambou, coffee, college, composing, creativity, culture jam, cultures, cádiz, daily show, dali, discovery channel, drama, dreaming, e.e. cummings, el sexo, empire records, exclamation marks, fahrenheit 911, fall leaves, federico garcia lorca, flamenco, fluffy things, francesca lia block, grass, guapas, guapos, guitar boys, hablar español, history, howard zinn, human rights, improv, irish dancing, jack kerouac, jazz, jazz dance, jostein gaarder, kalle lasn, kickboxing, kim addonizio, kissing, langston hughes, languages, lattes, libraries, lindy hop, little mermaid, love, massachusetts, mochas, morocco, moulin rouge, music, musical theater, musicians, oceans, old school pizza, olympia, organic stuff, pablo neruda, penguins, philosophy, photography, photoshoots, piano, pink floyd, poetry, political science, pro-choice, questions, rafael alberti, rain, randomness, reading, religions, rent, saul williams, seashells, seattle, seville, sewing, singing, sleep, sociology, spain, spanish, study abroad, sublime, sunshine, supersize me, sureshot, swimming, swing dancing, tap dancing, tea, tinkering, tofu, tori amos, trader joes, traveling, uca, universidad de cádiz, university of washington, uw, uw arts ticket office, vegetarianism, walking, wine, working out, writing, yoga